carducci-arbitration | Roles and Services, Legal Systems
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Roles and Services, Legal Systems

Working Languages:

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian (mother tongue), fair Portuguese

Roles :

acts as arbitrator in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations, related to a wide range of disputes (commercial, corporate, energy, construction, investment, treaty, sport)

acts as consulting and testifying expert in law, providing independent, balanced and detailed legal opinions on matters undisputed or disputed in litigation, arbitration, arbitration-related court proceedings

acts as legal counsel, at times consultant : in arbitration and in arbitration-related court proceedings

– before the proceedings: tasks such as optimizing the strategy, the choice between court litigation, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, negotiation, seeking efficiently legal and commercial solutions to disputes, drafting of ADR clauses, preventing and managing parallel court and arbitration proceedings, dealing with the legal effects and the breach of arbitration agreements, anti-suit injunctions issued by courts or tribunals

– during the proceedings: counsel representing a party (at times jointly as co-counsel) or advising a party

– after the proceedings: award enforcement, challenges to the award, post-arbitration settlement, seeking the rectification or interpretation of the award 

acts as mediator or conciliator

Legal systems :

Prof.Carducci works in:

International Law (Public, Economic, Private/Conflict of Laws)

European Union Law

French Law

Italian Law

English Law: Registered European Lawyer in England and Wales (works in English law, in conjunction with a Barrister in case of court proceedings in the UK). In addition, Prof.Carducci passed the Bar Transfer Test as to English Legal System, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Land Law, European Law. He will be called to the English Bar (Barrister) upon completion of his Test or of the relevant period of time as Registered European Lawyer