carducci-arbitration | Sports Law and Disputes
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Sports Law and Disputes

Specifically as to Sports Law Professor Carducci:

is and acted as CAS/TAS arbitrator

analysed the impact of the Swiss arbitration reform on sportsand CAS arbitration and published in CAS Bulletin (2020, II, p.7-22):  The New Swiss International and Domestic Arbitration Law, Sports and CAS Arbitration

The International Community adopted within UNESCO the International Convention against Doping in Sport (19 October 2005) which is in force in 189 States Parties and provides a normative framework to the WADA World Anti-Doping Code

Depending on Subject Matter and the Sport Concerned Disputes Arise in Various Contexts:

Contractual and Commercial Aspects of Sport

Sport Rules (adopted by Federations, Associations, Clubs)

  • State Control over:
  • Sports Events, Competitions (Admission, Conduct, Scoring), Ticketing, etc.
  • Fight against Doping
  • Governance of Sports Federations, Associations, Clubs