carducci-arbitration | Status and Intergovernmental Responsibilities
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International and Intergovernmental Legal Experience: Chief of the International Standards Section, UNESCO Headquarters (2002-2007)

Status and Intergovernmental Responsibilities

Former Chief of the International Standards Section, the legal and treaty section assisting and advising (192) Member States in international standard-setting (hard and soft law) and related matters

This position (P5) implied extensive international experience assisting and advising Governments of (192) Member States, in civil and common law jurisdictions:

a) in treaty-making, law and practice of treaties

b) in the implementation of treaty obligations, state responsibility, drafting suitable implementing legislation

c) in the elaboration and negotiation of (hard- and soft-law) international standard-setting instruments: conventions, declarations, recommendations, principles

d) in art and cultural property protection, restitution and return claims, cultural diplomacy