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International Advisory, Expert, Litigation

In addition to international arbitration, experience in international advisory and litigation includes acting as:

Legal Counsel and Consultant:

i) Party representation
ii) Various transactional work, including the negotiation and drafting of international contracts

Independent Legal Expert (Witness):

upon request by International Organizations, corporations and international law firms, on various issues in

i) contract, commercial and company law, arbitration law and agreements (challenges before national courts, validity and enforceability, etc.)

ii) private international law (jurisdiction, conflict of laws, overriding mandatory rules, etc.)

iii) international economic and investment law (applicability of a BIT, investor nationality, protection of shareholders, control, ICSID Convention, jurisdiction, etc.)

iv) public international law (sovereign immunity, State responsibility)

v) EU law

EU Law-making:

Independent Legal Expert to the European Union: in comparative conflict of laws and expert for the ESEC in the elaboration process of the E.U. Regulation 650/2012 of 4 July 2012 on International Successions (Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments)

International Law-Making:

See UNESCO Expert and Advisory Experience in Treaty-Making with regard to (192) Member States

Government Representative in Treaty-making:

Italian Delegate to the intergovernmental negotiation of the 2001 UNESCO Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention (law of the sea, maritime law, salvage law)

Earlier Experience in Treaty-making:

In earlier years: Secrétaire-rédacteur or Précis-Writer of the following International Organizations during their Diplomatic Conferences in which Member States negotiated and adopted uniform law treaties:

The Hague Conference of Private International Law (1993-97)

Institute for the Unification of Private Law, UNIDROIT (1995)