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Experience as Appointed International Arbitrator

I) Experience as Arbitrator in Multilingual Arbitrations: as sole arbitrator conducted proceedings and issued awards in English and Spanish

II) Experience as International Arbitrator, in English or French or Spanish. Appointments include:

Sole arbitrator, corporate and investment dispute in the context of construction in Africa (UNCITRAL Arbitration)

Co-arbitrator, dispute related to an alternative powerplant (ICC Arbitration)

Co-arbitrator, energy-related dispute in the context of transfer of usage rights and transfer contracts (ICC Arbitration)

Sole arbitrator, multiparty commercial dispute in the context of construction and sale contracts (ICC Arbitration)

Sole arbitrator in a commercial dispute in the context of construction and commission contracts (ICC Arbitration)

Sole arbitrator in a contractual dispute related to distribution agreements (European Court of Arbitration)

Co-arbitrator in a contractual dispute between private and public parties in Africa (CAS Arbitration)

Co-arbitrator in a sport-related and anti-doping dispute between parties in Latin America (CAS Arbitration)

III) Sectors: energy, construction, corporate, distribution, sport

IV) Legal issues include: termination, breach, force majeure, determination of substantive and conflict of laws rules, interim measures, multiparty arbitration and default party, export of foreign currency, etc.

V) Appointed by: parties, arbitration institutions, President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (acting as Appointing Authority)

VI) Appointments under the following rules: ICC, UNCITRAL, European Court of Arbitration, Court of Arbitration for Sport, (CAS/TAS), Milan Chamber of Commerce

Regular Analyst and Commentator on Developments in Comparative and International Arbitration Law and Practice: see Publications and Conferences