carducci-arbitration | Treaty-making and Standard-setting
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International and Intergovernmental Legal Experience: Chief of the International Standards Section at UNESCO (2002-2007)

Treaty-making and Standard-setting

Legal expert and focal point for the intergovernmental negotiation (open to 192 Member States) of these new standard-setting instruments:

1) UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage

It was adopted by the General Conference on 17 October 2003 and has currently 161 States Parties

Key issues: governance of intangible heritage, know-how, IP law  

2) UNESCO Declaration concerning the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage

Key issues: state responsibility, peace time and armed conflict situations, treaty and customary international law, conflict of laws, property law

3) UNESCO Draft Principles relating to Cultural Objects Displaced in Relation to the Second World War

Key issues: state responsibility, spoliations, looting, export, peace treaties, treaty and customary international law, conflict of laws, property law

4) He designed and negotiated for UNESCO the Model Export Certificate for Cultural Objects adopted by UNESCO and the World Customs Organization

Experience in treaty-making also from the national perspective: Italian Delegate to the intergovernmental negotiation of the 2001 UNESCO Underwater Cultural Heritage Convention (law of the sea, maritime law, salvage law, law of finds)

Earlier experience in treaty-making: Secrétaire-rédacteur of the following International Organizations during their Diplomatic Conferences where Member States negotiated and adopted uniform law treaties:

The Hague Conference of Private International Law (1993-97)

Institute for the Unification of Private Law, UNIDROIT (1995)