carducci-arbitration | Sport Law and Disputes
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Sport Law and Disputes

Assistance to public and private entities, as dispute resolver (arbitrator, conciliator, mediator) or expert  (legal opinions) or advisor  and party’s representation (legal counsel) in international sport law. 

International sports-related law and disputes vary significantly depending on their subject-matter and the sport concerned. Disputes may span from ordinary contractual and commercial aspects of sport, state control by means of sport body governance and regulation, to competition, ticketing and anti-doping disputes

Specifically as to sport law:

Member of Panel and appointed arbitrator by the Court of Arbitration for Sport / Tribunal arbitral du sport (Lausanne, Switzerland)

See above as to experience in treaty-making at UNESCO. It is within UNESCO that the international community of states has negotiated and adopted on 19 October 2005 the first multilateral treaty focused on anti-doping in sport, and the International Convention against Doping in Sport is widely ratified and has currently 182 States Parties

Conferences given, in particular:

ICC Paris and CIArb (Centennial Conference) : What is International Sport-related Arbitration (CAS and more)

Experience and expertise in international business law, transactions and dispute resolution, which surround transactions in the sport industry

Member of the ICC Commissions on Arbitration and ADR, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, and their standard-setting work impact in part also on international sport transactions and dispute resolution