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Energy Law and Disputes

Assistance to governments, public and private entities, as dispute resolver (arbitrator, conciliator, mediator) or expert  (legal opinions) or advisor  and party’s representation (legal counsel) in international (renewable and non-renewable) energy law and related disputes. Main issues include:

  1. International obligations (treaty and customary law) of the territorial state as to land, planning and environment law, and their impact on energy projects
  2. Implementation of international obligations, State responsibility
  3. International investment arbitration in energy: ICSID, Energy Charter Treaty, NAFTA
  4. Types of energy related treaties: applicability, interpretation
  5. Types of energy related contracts as to extraction, production, transport, supply: applicable law, stabilization clauses, renegotiation and adaptation
  6. Standards of investment and commercial protection with regard to the territorial state and public and private entities in the energy chain
  7. International and EU issues in energy law, international contracts and subcontracts
  8. Dispute resolution (court litigation, arbitration, conciliation, mediation, “Med-Arb”, “Arb-Med”, negotiation)


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Experience and expertise in international business, and in investment and treaty law, two parts of the law which surround energy law and dispute settlement


Member of the ICC Commissions on Arbitration and ADR, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, and their standard-setting work  impact in part  on international energy contracts and dispute resolution