carducci-arbitration | Construction Law and Disputes
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Construction Law and Disputes

Assistance to governments, public and private entities, as dispute resolver (arbitrator, conciliator, mediator) or expert  (legal opinions) or advisor  and party’s representation (legal counsel) in international construction and infrastructure law and disputes. 

Main issues include: 

  1. International contracts (FIDIC and others) and related dispute resolution (court litigation, arbitration, mediation, adjudication, dispute board, “Med-Arb”, “Arb-Med”, negotiation)
  2. Jurisdiction and applicable law in conflict of laws and under uniform law, such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980 (currently 85 States Parties including the USA, Russian Federation, China, France, Germany, Italy) which applies also to contracts for the supply of goods to be manufactured or produced (unless the party who orders the goods undertakes to supply a substantial part of the materials)
  3. International and EU issues in contract and property law 
  4. International subcontracts  
  5. International obligations of the territorial state as to land,  planning and environment law, and their impact on construcion and major infrastructures on its territory
  6. Complex international disputes in public and private international law, between states, public and private entities

See also:

Experience and expertise in international business, and in investment and treaty law, two parts of the law which surrond construction and infrastructure law and practice


Member of the ICC Commissions on Arbitration and ADR, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition, and the standard-setting work of these Commissions impact in part also on international construction contracts and dispute settlement 


Conferences given specifically on international construction law and disputes

King’s College Centre for Construction Law 25th Anniversary Conference: Sub-contracts in Comparative Construction and Arbitration Law

IBA Annual Meeting (Dublin, International Construction Projects Committee): Major infrastructure projects: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in the EU (Article published in Clint)

Occasional conference in the Construction Law and Dispute Resolution MSc, King’s College London