carducci-arbitration | Commercial Law and Disputes
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Commercial Law and Disputes

Assistance to Governments, public and private entities, as dispute resolver (arbitrator, conciliator, mediator), legal expert  (legal opinions), advisor or party’s representative (legal counsel) in international business and trade law and disputes.

Main issues include:

  1. International and EU issues in contract, property, company, bankruptcy, competition law 
  2. Complex international disputes in public and private international law, between states, public and private entities
  3. Negotiation and implementation of international contracts and related dispute resolution  mechanisms (court litigation, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, “Med-Arb”, “Arb-Med”, negotiation)
  4. Jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and awards 
  5. International uniform law, such as the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980
  6. International business, trade and transport law
  7. International business to business and business to consumer transactions

Relevant background includes: 

Experience as arbitrator, legal expert (witness), legal counsel

Standard-setting experience as member of the ICC Commissions on Arbitration and ADR, Commercial Law and Practice, Competition

Chartered Arbitrator and standard-setting experience in international arbitration within the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London

Regular research and teaching for many years in Contract Law, Commercial Law (French, Italian, English and US Law), Company Law, Bankruptcy Law, EU Commercial and Competition Law, International Trade and Business Law (including Arbitration and Litigation), Conflict of Laws

Visiting Professor in Transnational Commercial Law

Conferences given worldwide (see list under « International Arbitration »)

Publications (see list)

Ph.Ds and specialisation